One of the inescapable work activities on a market farm is moving things around, be it transplants, tools, mulch, rolls of row cover, t-posts, and, of course, harvested produce bound for the washing and packing area. Having a well-designed cart to help move things around can be a tremendous time saver and can also put less strain on your body. The cart pictured here was designed by a veteran market grower in northern Wisconsin.

Aluminum Harvest Cart

A group of growers in Southern Wisconsin liked the cart so well, they used grant money to build several for themselves. The plans are now available here for anyone to use and modify as it suits their particular needs.

The cart is designed to fit “bulb crates” which are becoming a very common harvest aid in many areas. The garden/floral industry imports flower bulbs in these crates and they do not make a return trip to Holland. The cart dimensions could be changed to accommodate other types of harvest tubs and totes.

The cart is made of aluminum so it is extremely light weight and maneuverable. It can handle relatively large loads and is very useful for hauling flats of transplants and other items in addition to being used for harvest.

Various wheel options are possible, with new or used bicycle tires being one. Another excellent option is a wheel available from Northern Tool and Equipment: item number 145123 (2” x 26” wheel with knobby tires and a 300# weight capacity). These wheels require a ¾” cold rolled steel axle (the diameter of hot rolled steel is too large).

The plans posted here were originally prepared by staff of the Healthy Farmers, Healthy Profits project in the department of Biological and Systems Engineering at the University of Wisconsin.

If you have questions or comments on the cart, contact John Hendrickson at the Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems.

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