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Aluminum Harvest Cart

Categories: Equipment, Post Harvest

crop cart

One of the inescapable work activities on a market farm is moving things around, be it transplants, tools, mulch, rolls of row cover, t-posts, and, of course, harvested produce bound for the washing and packing area. Having a well-designed cart to help move things around can be a tremendous time saver and can also put less strain on your body. The cart pictured here was designed by a veteran market grower in northern Wisconsin. A group of growers in Southern Wisconsin ... Read More

Grower to Grower: Creating a Livelihood on a Fresh Market Vegetable Farm

Categories: Management, Scale

vegetable field

For most fresh market vegetable growers, earning a reasonable living from their farms is a bigger challenge than growing produce. While growers often share production information freely, they may be reluctant to share financial information. Many growers are looking for ways to collect this information and share it with others without divulging confidential business details. From 2002 to 2004, the UW-Madison Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems facilitated a grower-led project that used ratios, such as net cash income per acre, as a way ... Read More

Cover Crops on the Intensive Market Farm

Categories: Production, Soils and Fertility

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Crops that are grown solely to provide soil cover or for the purposes of increasing soil fertility are referred to as cover crops or green manures. Due their ability to protect and enhance soils, cover crops are considered a fundamental aspect of any sustainable cropping system. The benefits of cover crops extend beyond soil health, however. More and more growers are realizing the pest management benefits of cover crops. This publication form the Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems is meant to serve ... Read More